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If you are not in the habit of studying the Bible over and above reading it regularly let me commend it to you once again with some brief thoughts on the benefits of Bible study.

Consider the following:

Reading the Bible regularly makes us familiar with Godís Word but when we study it more deeply we could become aware of some assumptions which we have made which may not be true. Godís Word changes us and it would be good to have truth for God to work with rather than half-truth.

When we spend time studying the Bible rather than just reading it we linger over the phrases and sentences and our thoughts have time to connect with other things in the Bible that we know.

It gives God another way of communicating with us and I know many Christians who say that they donít feel God speaks to themóthis is a way to make it happen!

Bible study needs concentration but it also makes us concentrate. How many times have you read something and thought that you couldnít really say what you have read. I donít believe I am the only one!

Bible study leads us to read what other people have thought and understood about a passage as we look to reference books, consult reliable websites and ask friends what they think. It therefore broadens our understanding from our current experience and knowledge.

Bible study gives significance to our reading. It helps us to see things from Godís perspective (though always tinted with limited human understanding). It causes us to reflect and apply the passage to ourselves more fully.

Two other things:

Always remember that if you donít plan to study I guarantee you wonít.

And make time to study for your own benefit; donít just do it when preparing to lead something for other people (or (note to self) when writing articles for websites).

Bible study gives significance to our reading. 


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