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Actually writing down what you have noted will help you to get a greater sense of what you have learned. 


Something I have done with a group of children recently is to challenge them to read a book of the Bible that they are not familiar with. In the process of reading it I have tasked them to pick out something from each reading that they particularly noted. It might be something that they did not know before, something that they felt God say to them or highlight, a truth which applies to a situation they find themselves in, something they already knew but of which they are reminded, or some other reason for taking note. I have asked them to write it down in a booklet and then write a prayer concerning that noted feature.

I have not wanted to ask them to do something that I am not prepared to put the effort into myself and so have undertaken to meet the challenge along side them. I have found it to be a great exercise. I have chosen to read Jeremiah which I have not read straight through for some time. I commend the exercise to you as a half way house between just reading a passage and studying it deeply. Actually writing down what you have noted will help you to get a greater sense of what you have learned through the whole book and will help you to remember what struck you yesterday. Finding something noteworthy gives you a greater focus on trying to see what a passage has to say to you rather than just letting your eyes pass across the words.

Here are a few things I noted, and prayed, in the first few chapters of Jeremiah...

Day 1 

Chapter 1

Something I noted about this reading: (v7-8) I recall that, as in these verses, God often tells people not to make excuses and not to be afraid when he calls them to His business. Being confident that I am where I am called to be, I too should not make excuses and not be afraid in my calling.

My prayer request: Father God, I know that I have often made excuses not to act, and have failed to overcome fearfulness in my calling; I am sorry. I make a new commitment today to obey your voice. Help me to fulfil my calling without waver and fear. Amen

Day 2

Chapter 2

Something I noted about this reading: (v5) I see that those who followed worthless things (idols) became worthless themselves. My worth and value are therefore great when turn away from worthless idols. I am valuable because I follow The God of infinite worth.

My prayer request: Help me to always know that my measure of worth is not in the world but in you O Great and Mighty God. Having You in my life makes me valuable. Hallelujah. Thank you.

Day 3

Chapter 3

Something I noted about this reading: (v4-5) I see that God has heard they prayers of the people and compared them with their life style - they do not measure up. Do I 'walk the walk' as well as 'talk the talk'?

My prayer request: God who sees everything, I am certain that my lifestyle lets me down devaluing what I speak with my mouth in prayer and witness. Shine your Holy Spirit into my life and show me what I must do to follow you more nearly. Amen.


May God bless you in your reading of His wonderful Word.



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