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One of the things that my baby does now is clap. She can’t talk yet but she uses her clapping to communicate. If she is pleased to see someone or happy about something she has done she claps excitedly. If she is thankful about getting something she wanted she claps to show her pleasure. 

These are moments of celebration in the everyday. Do you do some celebrating every day? You may well not clap if it is not appropriate but as adults we can smile and laugh and speak out words of joy and appreciation. 

God rejoiced each day after doing his work of creation. The Bible says that he looked at what he had made and said “it is good.” I am pretty certain those words were spoken with joyful emotions and celebration in his whole being - not just said the way we do when we read them, devoid of passion. 

Your daily works may not draw up excitement from your inner most being but let me encourage you to find something each day to celebrate.

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