A prayer

Heavenly, forgiving Father,

I have so many failings that to ask you to come and change me is so easy. So many times I put myself first; I am right, I won't do that your way, I..., I..., I... Please forgive me. Your word says that I should not think of myself more highly than I should, but this way of thinking is so much a part of who I am in this world that I do not even notice my thoughts and actions promoting me in un-Christ-like ways. Heavenly Lord, I read in scripture that you want me to look to others, to listen to others and to follow the example of others. So many times this is hard. I think my way is better, I think that I have understood Scripture better, I think that others are not worthy of my learning from them. Help me this day to look for your example. Help me this day to listen for your word though others. Help me this day to put others before myself.

In Jesus name I ask these things. Amen.

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