Get excited about giving

The Bible has great things to teach us 

There is a rich treasure house of material to learn from and get excited about.

Secret excitement

Sometimes I sit feeding my baby in the middle of the night and a level of excitement rises in my stomach as I thing about how lovely she is. What a privilege to spend that secret time together and I try to imprint the experience on my memory as it is so special and I know that these times will soon pass as she grows older. It is such an amazing experience.

The importance of giving

I wonder if I asked you what you find exciting and a privilege whether you would come up with the answer of Christian giving...no?...I thought not. The fact is that when we look deeply into the Bible to find out about giving there is a rich treasure house of material to learn from and get excited about. Giving is not just about funding the church electricity bill or giving aid to the poor in some far off land: though both of those are necessary. Giving plays an important part in teaching us what it is like to be made in the image of God, what it means to stretch and grow in our faith, what it means to receive joy, what it means to receive blessing and many other things besides! There are so many things which giving does for us that when we withdraw from the Christian discipline of giving our Christian life becomes stunted and mis-shapen. Many people donít realise the importance of giving. Are you one of them? Why donít you take a look at the subject in the Bible for yourself? 2 Corinthians ch9 v6-15 is a passage on the topic of giving listing some of the responsibilities and benefits. This is by no means the only passage on the topic. There are many proverbs, bits of Psalms, Gospel passages as well as some teaching in the Epistles. All that is without taking lessons from people in the Bible whose accounts and experiences are given for us to learn from too.

Find some truths for yourself

Why donít you begin with that 2 Corinthians passage? Seek out from it two or three basic truths and decide what difference they should make to your attitude about giving and decide what you are going to do about it. There is no point in knowing all about the Bible without it changing us.

Give thanks today.

When you have finished this make sure that you note this basic truthóthe outcome of all this activity of giving is that thanks is given to God. Why donít you join in and give God thanks for the things that your have benefited from today?

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