" I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

Psalm Ch16 v8 NIV translation

The first big daytime thunderstorm of the summer came while we were having dinner one afternoon. My youngest son doesn’t like storms. He has witnessed very few and they are loud. All was just about well though because his daddy was near by and he kept giving words of reassurance.

As dinner came to the end the storm kept on pouring. It had been hot and the storm came as a welcome relief bringing cooler air to us grown-ups. My husband went to stand at the open front door to make the most of the coolness. But this left a dilemma for our son. Is it better to stay inside the house well away from that open front door and the storm which frightened him or should he stay close to his daddy for comfort even though he would be nearer to the storm?

He chose to stay close behind his daddy holding his hand tightly with both of his little hands even though he was so much closer to the rain, thunder and lightening. He came to no harm. He had trusted correctly.

What a picture of this verse for meditation today! When we stand behind God holding his hand we trust correctly and we shall not be shaken.


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