Drowned out

A confession of being swept along





Nearly everyday the material world takes more hours to get into order than there are hours in the day

Water, water

God showed me something once using water as an illustration. There was a deep fast flowing river. I felt like I was drowning in it. I was hanging on for dear life frightened of being swept away by the torrent that was around me, dragging me with it in it’s flow. For some people life can feel like this. Perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps you are specifically looking for a less complicated life and have turned to this article for that very reason. What is the alternative?

The second part of the illustration God showed me still involved the same torrent of water but this time I was not in it. I was standing on some stepping stones bending down to freshen my face in the water. This was the lesson. The torrent was still raging on around me but I was not a part of it, instead I was to dip into it to bring blessing and benefit into my life.

At the heart of it

Matthew ch 6 v33 says, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

This verse is at the heart of a life of simplicity. Nearly everyday I fail to put this verse at the front of my actions and nearly everyday I fail to reap the blessings of it. I think to myself that I will just get my material jobs done first and then I will settle down to doing some “spiritual activity”: read my Bible, pray and you know what? Nearly everyday the material world takes more hours to get into order than there are hours in the day and guess which activity doesn’t gets done properly.

Seek first His kingdom. Seek it first. Yes I tell this to myself here again, right now. Seek first His kingdom.


Heavenly father, 

I confess that I don’t seek your kingdom first. Despite all that you have shown me and taught me on this subject still I put all the other things before your kingdom way of life and promises. I am sorry. I realise once again that I must stop this old way of life with it’s heavy toll on the peace of my heart and turn to your freedom. Help me to put aside the complicated and seek the simple. Help me to look at the way I live through your eyes, with your wisdom. In Jesus name I ask these things. 


More than the world can bear

The whole earth is groaning under the weight of the demands of the complicated lives that mankind lives. The toll is in the human soul which is full of anguish and longs for the freedom which only Christ can bring. Yet as Christians—particularly in the West—we want the freedom to touch our inner selves without affecting the outer or material life. As I have just encouraged you to pray with me let us consider all things that we do and have, all our attitudes and desires through the eyes of God with His eternal perspective. Let us apply His wisdom to seeking a more simple way of life.

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