Finding Favour with the King

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I became familiar with the story of Esther in the Bible when quite young because our church did a play based on it. It is on of those stories which has easily been retold down the centuries as it has all the elements which draw people in. I want to recommend a book which goes further than telling the story alone but takes a deeper look at many of the truths contained in it.

Tommy Tenney, an American author and Bible teacher, has picked out 12 great points of teaching which are inspirational in their recommendation of worship and its purpose for the individual. Reading it certainly taught me many things and gave me a view of what value there is in my worshipping God both for me and Him. It is the sort of book in which I leave lots of little bits of paper to mark pages I want to look at again and again. 

If you are keen to look more deeply at the subject of worship, particularly with respect with your own personal worship life then you may like to beg, borrow or buy this one.

Book details:

Finding favour with the King (Preparing for your moment in His presence) by Tommy Tenney

Published by Bethany House Publications. ISBN: 0-7642-0017-8. Easily available in the UK (Why not support your local Christian bookshop if you have one) and available on line.


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