Plenty of time

Wanting more time with God

Mr Cow

I don’t know if you have ever heard the song “Mr Cow” by Julia Plaut written to help toddlers think about telling God that we love Him. I was singing it to myself the other day and I thought “wouldn’t it be lovely to be like that cow?” in this respect: the song asks the cow how he tells God he loves Him. The cow replies that he stands around in a field all day and it gives him plenty of time to say “moo”. And I just thought “I want to have plenty of time to say I love God”. It was the ‘plenty of time’ that got me. Yes I spend time with God but my quiet is often interrupted. How often do I sit down to spend ‘plenty of time’ with God? I know that this is not everyone’s experience, maybe you have more than enough time for your liking but I keep on hoping for a future day when things will settle down, maybe when the children are older. 

But is time really the only thing stopping me? I suspect that there are other things involved. Maybe I am not as committed to such a way of life as I would like to think. Perhaps I am not disciplined enough. Perhaps I don’t get enough sleep so find focusing difficult. Perhaps I need to train up my will power and attention span. Perhaps I make too many excuses. But what I know is, this week I really thought, “wouldn’t it be lovely to have plenty of time to tell God I love Him?”

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