Five ideas for worship


Highest pinnacle

People were make as the highest pinnacle of God's creation which was to bring glory to Him. One way we can bring Him more glory is to spend more of our time worshipping Him. I know this can be difficult if you are a busy person but below are some ideas.

  • Choose to listen to worship music rather than the radio or TV sometimes.

  • Read through a worship prayer or Psalm and say your own worship prayer at the end of each written sentence.

  • Go somewhere beautiful and worship God for His creative skills.

  • If you have really young children why not make some musical instruments (like shakers or drums) and spend some time worshipping together?

  • Why not paint a picture or make something and worship God while you do it?

Worship is a thing for every day not just in church on Sundays. Make more time for Him.

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