Worthy thoughts on worship


Below are a few thoughts on what worship is and should be. Take a look and have a think about whether there are any new lessons for your own worship life.

God isn’t primarily interested in worship. He’s seeking worshippers—and that has to do with our relationship with Him, expressing our love for Him and knowing our security in Him. Dave Fellingham  'To the praise of His Glory' page 71Kingsway publications 1995

To give God the service of the body and not of the soul—is hypocrisy:

To give God the service of the soul and not the body—is sacrilege:

To give God neither is Atheism:

To give God both is worship.


If important people came into the room we would rise to greet them. If Jesus entered the room we would fall at his feet.

The word ‘worship’ is an Anglo-Saxon word, and means ‘worth-ship’ or ‘worthiness’. The word commonly translated ‘worship’ in the New Testament—though there are several other Greek words—is ‘proskuneo’, to kiss the hand toward. This is thought to be derived from the slave’s manner of homage when he entered the presence of his master. Hence in worship we are expressing, “You are worthy”.

One of the marvellous truths about the one true God who has been revealed to us through Jesus is this: he is totally and utterly worthy of our worship. He doesn’t just invite or demand it, he is worth it, with a worthiness that will absorb our wondering minds for eternity. Graham Kendrick 'Worship' page 64  Kingsway Publications 1984


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