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The next exciting thing

I’ve been to a theme park with my family. There were hundreds of people milling about each looking to get on with the next exciting thing. I stood watching while my children played in a maze for about 25 minutes. During that time quite a lot of other children went in to play but were called out after just a few minutes by parents telling them to come and find a more exciting ride. “Let them play,” I thought.

I am not saying that I was not guilty of the same thing else where in the park. There was lots to do and we all wanted to get our money’s worth before the park closed at tea time. But I have been thinking about it. Is this just one frenetic day or are we like this in all our activities every day—enough of that, we must do something else now or we might miss out/ might not do enough different things today.

Many opportunities

In the modern day in the UK opportunities abound. This can be an enormously beneficial and privileged position to be in but equally an addiction to seeking out the next thing is not good. The Bible tells us to be content. Are we training ourselves to be content or are we putting that off for another day. Are we for ever looking for something else to replace the things we currently do thus depriving ourselves of maturity in anything? Being content is not the same as stagnating. There is a time for the new, the next thing, but are we sure now is the right time or do we have to move on because we are really addicted thrill seekers?

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