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Forgive us as we forgive others

Two passages to consider about forgiveness





 Forgiveness is a choice. Do not wait until you feel like forgiving.

Asking for God's forgiveness

In many churches in the UK the Lordís prayer is said at every service. In it we ask God to forgive us to the same standard that we forgive others. Is it any wonder then that many come away from church looking miserable because we are, as human beings, quite poor at forgiving others! Let's change that and come away from church looking forgiven. To know Godís forgiveness is a blessing, a great relief. What a wonderful burden is lifted what joy fills our hearts (and hopefully shows on our faces!) but we need to have our own house in order too. God does not um and err over whether to forgive us when we ask it of Him. This is what Jesus came foróto enable us to be forgiven and restore that relationship between us and Him. I say it again, God does not hesitate in forgiving a genuinely repentant heart.

Two sides to forgiveness

Letís look at what is involved here. There two aspects to this. God forgives us as we forgive others as I have already highlighted (The Lords prayer. Matthew 6 v12) but we also forgive others because we have known the forgiveness of God (Parable of the unmerciful servant. Matthew 18 v33). Not to forgive is an insult against the One who has already forgiven us.

Many times in the modern media I have heard people saying that they will never forgive someone of something. To their shame a number of these instances have been over fairly minor matters. There are many serious occurrences between people which elicit this statement though. Many times it is born out of deep hurt and disappointment. Nevertheless holding unforgiveness against someone is not the answer according to the passages I have mentioned. This position adds to your woes.

Examine yourself

Is there anything which you have not yet forgiven someone? Do not wait until you feel like forgiving them. Forgiveness is a choice. I choose to forgive because God has first forgiven me. And I choose to forgive because I want to be forgiven.

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