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Thoughts from a phone call

I took a phone call yesterday from a lady who has been to stay with us in the past. She was asking about something that she had become interested in after being introduced to the subject at our house. I commented that I did not know that she had taken up this interest and she replied “oh, there are several things that I do now after seeing them at your house.”

Oh that we would take up the things of the life of Christ so easily. Oh that we should spend a little time observing His life and know that we want to do those things ourselves. Could it be that His life is so easy to take on board? Well it is, because God has made it so. God himself has done all that is necessary for us to take on the life of Christ. God placed us in Christ before we were ever born so that our sinful self could die in Him on the cross. And after we died with Him so we were raised with Him on the third day— a new creation, Galatians 5 tells us. We are a new person born in the heavenly realm and we have the life of Christ if we are Christians. We may have some trouble in putting that fact into experience, but it is a fact. If you struggle to live the life of Christ believe that fact, through faith, and it will become part of your experience.

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