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One night

A testimony of receiving God's healing

I am going to do something a bit different. I am going to share with you the testimony written by a young lady with whom I spent a number of months studying the Bible. Something quite particular occurred one evening which she wanted to share with you. There are two sides to every story and I am going to put her testimony into a description of the evening as I saw it.

I am going to call her Chris, though this is not her real name.

Chris first came to a group Bible study that I held at my home. I sensed that this was not quite the right type of setting for her personal growth in the faith at that time and I invited her to come to one-to-one Bible studies with me. She had many personal issues going on in her life and was having difficulties dealing with them. Chris continues...

We had weekly Bible studies together where Linda prepared studies lead by God's inspiration for me. I learned a great deal during this time and through one study had a life changing and deeply spiritual meeting with myself and God.

I felt that it would be helpful for Chris to make this statement for herself. 

I had prepared a study for one of the evenings, towards the end of the study we turned to a statement of faith found in Deuteronomy and I felt that it would be helpful for Chris to make this statement for herself. Normally she was talkative, which continued, but I sensed an evasiveness in what she was beginning to say. She was not taking up the offer of making this statement of faith for herself and constantly changed the subject. I left her for a few moments to give her the chance not to feel pressurised. Then I suggested we prayed together. Chris didn’t ever have a problem with this; we would both pray out loud and she would unload lots of things in prayer that we had covered during our discussion. But today things were different. Chris didn’t speak, she didn’t move and she didn’t speak. She just sat there bowed in an attitude of prayer and didn’t move. Chris shares…

I met a demon that had lived with me since a small child, Deceiver was his name. I had felt a concern about this for a number of years, but had always been told a Demon cannot live inside you once you become a Christian and the Holy Spirit lives within you*. However, that night he showed his face and I was unable to acknowledge the biblical truths Linda and I were studying. I wouldn't look at her or react. This was partly me not wanting Linda to see what I knew was there in my eyes and the demon not allowing me to say that I agreed with what we were studying. Linda popped out and brought Steve in for reinforcements. They sat either side of me and by now I was hiding my face in my hands because I couldn't let anyone see the evil in my eyes.

As Chris says, I went and brought my husband in to join us for prayer. What Chris doesn’t know (but she will now when I ask her to approve this article before you get to see it) is that when I had been praying for her a few weeks earlier I had had a day dream or vision in which I had seen her reacting to a demon. In this vision I had brought my husband in to join us in prayer, which I had thought a little odd at the time because nine times out of ten he was out when Chris visited. But here we were, Chris said she couldn’t move and I knew that this is what I had been shown those weeks earlier so I went and asked my husband to join us. Chris continues...

Here is where I had the biggest surprise regarding myself: I was afraid to let go of him. 

Linda and Steve prayed for the demon to identify himself and I snarled and sneered at them still with my eyes firmly closed. I spoke a number of different names and Steve and Linda told the spirit, calling it by each of the names, to leave me in Jesus' name. He didn't and Steve then asked if he was a deceiving spirit and he said ‘yes’. Steve and Linda both then prayed for the deceiver to leave—and here is where I had the biggest surprise regarding myself: I was afraid to let go of him. He had been a part of me since a small child. It is not always easy to let go of the familiar intimate influences around you, even when they are the wrong ones. I expect you all can equate with me on that. I knew I had to let him go and asked God silently to give me the strength.

There was no drama, we prayed and the spirit left. Chris relaxed and though stiff in the neck felt released to move normally again with a new freedom.

I was quietly exhausted when he did leave because my body had by gently shaking for about an hour. There was no writhing or wailing and this for me made the experience all the more real. The three of us chatted for a few minutes about the event and then I went for a drive on my way home to come to. He sat on my shoulder for quite a long time afterwards wanting to still hang on to me. However, his power was very much diminished and I could see more clearly when it was him trying to influence me.

I still struggle today with some of the patterns of thought and behaviour that he taught me, but it is a couple of years on now and the progress I have made in these can only have come from God. Deceiver still comes to visit, but his power to influence me is controlled by me and not him now. Deceiver will always be a familiar demon to me as he was a part of my life. Instead of disowning that part of me and feeling ashamed of his influence over me, I pray that God will hinder his power and the angels are constantly on his tail. I know God has immeasurably more power than the devil and anything is possible for Him.

She knew that the prayers which had been prayed for her that evening were instantly effective.


As both Chris and I have said, there was no big drama but she knew that the prayers which had been prayed for her that evening were instantly effective. I continued to work with her until she moved out of the area.

Chris is a growing Christian, as we all are, and just like us all, she still has issues to work through in her life. She wanted to share with others what her experience had been and wrote this testimony for this website. I have to confess that I have been a little cautious and held on to it for quite a while. I have felt recently that God wanted me to let her story to be told and so I now include it. I am aware that the issues contained here may be outside the experience or teaching of some of you and that you may have some questions or issues of your own. Please contact me and I will do my best for you. I hope that God blesses you through this testimony.

Once we belong to God we cannot be owned by something or someone else.

* This idea that demons cannot “live inside you” is not entirely born out by Scripture. In Luke 11 v24-26 Jesus is teaching about demons and describes us as being like a house where demons can move in. What may have been taught and became muddled (because Satan is good at muddling good teaching) is that a Christian cannot be “possessed” by a demon. If you possess something you own it. Once we belong to God we cannot be owned by something or someone else. Therefore it would be true to say that Christians cannot be possessed by demons. Demons can still make themselves at home in our lives so we must be sure not to give the Devil a foothold as Ephesians 4 v 27 says.

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