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Questions to ask yourself

Are you Self-disciplined?




I can have spent my life building the Kingdom that will last not frittering it away on what will not last.


Thinking about Self-Discipline

I occasionally hear people say that if only they were more self disciplined they would get more things done. Yet, although self discipline is an important issue involved with what we do, it is also a vital ingredient in ensuring that we have enough peace and rest in our lives. By being self disciplined we can get things done that would otherwise get left undone - when we can’t be bothered or are too tired - or we can achieve those things which get squeezed out by the pressing but unimportant. Also with self discipline we can ensure that we are not pushed about by other people or circumstances and that our time is used in a truly worthwhile manner. For myself I measure “worthwhile” by the calling that I have and the gifts that God has given me. Whether that be as homemaker, wife, mother, in ministry to others, as a child of God or in leisure. I’m not perfect and I waste much time like many people but may I encourage you to do as I do which is to question before God the use of my time. This way I can have spent my life building the Kingdom that will last not frittering it away on what will not last. The following questions may help you to think about this issue.

  1. What do the words “self discipline” mean to me? Am I self disciplined? Am I happy with the amount of self discipline I have?

  2. Do I feel that I have enough time to do all the things that I need to do? Is there never enough time? Do I have spare time such that I feel bored sometimes?

  3. Are there things that I would like to do that never get close to getting some of my time?

  4. Do I go to bed at night feeling at peace about the things that I have done or not done in a day?

  5. Who is really in control of me and my time? Who should be? Am I pushed and shoved about by the demands of others? Do circumstances throw out the day’s agenda?

  6. How do I value time spent with people compared with time spent getting things done?

  7. Do I have a clear understanding of what God wants me to be doing with my life? Do I measure the small tasks up to this call?

  8. Do I ask God to bless my plans or do I wait upon God before making plans? Does planning have any importance in my life in the longer term? Does planning have any importance to me on an hour by hour basis?

  9. In what ways am I most likely to waste time? Are there any ways that I can improve my life by being more self disciplined?

  10. In what areas am I most self disciplined? What is the difference between self discipline and habit?

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