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A prayer rejoicing in who you are

Heavenly Father,

I thank you that you have made me who I am. I rejoice that you made me a woman. I turn away from all the words that I have uttered which have cursed my womanhood. I reject all ideas that I need to be something other than who you have made me. I welcome your calling upon my life and I willingly serve under that call.

In a secret place, before a day of my life was ever lived, you knew me and the good purpose that you had for me. I embrace that plan. Your right hand leads me and I willingly take that hand and follow where you go.

Loving Lord, I am so thankful for your presence with me. You never leave me. You have never let the wellspring of my heart run dry. Fill me that I may overflow with your goodness, that I may turn away from all self pity, self loathing and selfishness. May I expand the boundaries of my life to encompass all you have chosen for me. Increase my capacity to love others and to see them as you do. Let me reveal your goodness and love on a daily basis.

In Jesus name 


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