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I shall be like Him

Our Image

Is your image changing to be like that of Christ Jesus? I came across this little story and it made me wonder how often we think about our image in the light of Jesus.

C.H. Spurgeon was given, by the author, a copy of Andrew Bonar’s Commentary on Leviticus. Spurgeon was so blessed by the book that he returned it with a note saying, ‘Dr. Bonar, please place herein your autograph and your photograph.’ Dr Bonar gave the book back with a note enclosed saying, ‘Dear Spurgeon, here is the book with my autograph and with my photograph. If you had been willing to wait a short season, you could have had a better likeness, for I shall be like Him; I shall see him as He is.’

The verse quoted is from 1 John ch3 v2

Of course the many ways that we, "will be like Him" will not be captured by a photograph but some of what we are like on the inside shows on the outside too!

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