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In the hands of the Potter

Questioning "why?"



Oil on Canvas

Picture © Linda Faber 2005


I started painting this picture the weekend my husband went away to visit his brother. His brother had recently lost his wife very suddenly and had himself then suffered a life threatening bleed into his brain.

I donít know all the reasons why things like this happen to people. I do know that God feels how deeply we hurt and that it was never the original plan for people to suffer. I do know that in heaven there will be no suffering or crying or pain.

I have experienced some of the suffering of untimely loss in my life. I do not understand why it is allowed to happen, but it does. I have begun to see a little that God can and does help us get through it if we let Him.

In the Bible there is a picture created with words which draws God as a potter. So, as I think about someone shaping clay, I think about the skill of the hand of God re-shaping the lumps and bumps which appear in my life as I am knocked about by the world I live in. I know that He knows what He is doing. The Potter only makes good pots but it is His choice how He re-shapes the clay. Who of us as clay can ask The Potter why He shapes the pot thus?

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