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Deep and wide

Looking at your foundations




I want you to make sure you have the best foundations for future possible events.

Earthquake zone

My husband was watching a TV programme where engineers were building a suspension bridge in an earthquake zone. To make the bridge strong enough to stand the worst circumstances which might befall it, deep foundations were made. First great hollow tubes were sunk 30 metres into the river bed. Then the debris from the inside of the tubes was drilled out and the drilling continued on beyond the bottom of the tubes for a further 70 metres! These deep holes were then filled with concrete. Wow, and that was before anything above ground could even be thought of. “This isn’t enough though,” the engineers said. These foundations would stand up in an earthquake but the bridge they held up would still collapse if the structure was hit by a boat! The contractors had to build great big rock islands around the bridge uprights to make sure no boat could reach even if it was aiming for a head-on collision.

Foundations of faith

Most Christian people know about foundations for their faith life. I am certain that if you are a Christian woman that you have some. But are they deep enough? Are they broad enough? Do waves of worry ever rise up like a destabilising quake causing collapse of your bridge of Christian peace? Do you get struck by stress like an unstoppable boat ploughing into your joyful life?

Like those engineers, building a bridge in an earthquake zone, I want you to make sure you have the best foundations for future possible events. Difficulties come along in everyone’s life—I want you to know this—even the lives of those people you respect as being “giants in faith.” What matters is how you are able to deal with what comes along. Does it end up as being a phase of growth in your faith or completely debilitating? Make no mistake about it God uses the difficult things in our lives for Good. “All things work together for the good of those who love Him.” so we can be assured that even the seeming worst things which come along are not all bad.

How do you go about making sure your foundations of faith are deep and wide?

Building deeper and wider foundations

How do you go about making sure your foundations of faith are deep and wide? First of all do you know what I mean by foundations? I would mean those things which are a basic knowledge of the Christian faith and how it should affect your life. Can you explain why Jesus came (beginning at Genesis) and what it achieved for us? What difference should this make for each area of our lives?

How can you strengthen your foundations?

Some suggestions.

Think deeper foundations

Work through a Bible study book for new Christians such as Every Day with Jesus for New Christians paying attention to whether there were any gaps in your understanding.

Read biographies of what God has done in other people’s lives assuring yourself that God can do all things in all sets of circumstances.

Read, and go on reading all your life, Christian books on many topics. If you don’t know where to start ask a friend who reads Christian books to recommend some—they may even lend you some. If not, go to a Christian bookshop and ask the book seller.

Think wider foundations

Do you know what the Bible has to say on a broad range of subjects which affect you? This web site pulls out 33 subjects—think wide!

Father God, 

Help me to never stop seeking after You. Help me not to be proud and assume that I have great foundations to my faith when there may be new and deeper things that You want to teach me. Help me to bring Your Word into every area of my life so that I may be strengthened and ready to do all of the good works that You have prepared for me to do. I make a new commitment this day to seek after more of You and Your ways.


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