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Looking up, or over the edge?

A reminder to keep our security in God's ways




Two views of the same thing

A few miles from where we live there is a castle we have visited a few times. Itís keep is in good condition. The walls and floors are all intact and the National Trust look after it to keep it safe for public visitors.

From the ground the towering walls look strong and safe and indeed they are. I know that if I climb that tower it is more than sufficiently strong to hold my weight and I will be quite safe up there. However, somehow when I climb all the steps to the top and look over the edge my confidence in my safety begins to fail me slightly. The castle has not changed, it is still strong and safe but I am looking at things differently.

Sometimes when we feel worried about something it is our view of it that is raging on our emotions, not the situation its self. We feel as though things are not quite right any more and we begin to lose confidence in a good outcome. But like the castle, if it is viewed differently we can gain certainty and confidence again.

Godís view

As Christians we know the best way to view all things in life is from Godís direction. This can be easier said than done, particularly if you are in a situation of deep worry right now. Not only do we become entangled in uncertainty by situations in our lives but this same effect can alter the way that we look at Biblical truths too and we may become unsure of placing our security in them. We know that Jesus is the Truth and his ways are therefore trustworthy no matter how things seem.

I want to remind you of a few of these biblical truths and encourage you to keep your confidence in them no matter how you feel, for these in turn will help with the worry in your life.

Something to do

If you are able to, print off the four pictures with verses left and below. Place them where you will see them oftenómaybe by the phone, your bathroom mirror, the kettle and by your computer. Look at them and read through the verse each time you are near. Offer up a quick prayer thanking God that He has all things safely in his control and asking Him for the help you need to overcome your worry. Donít forget that that help may come in the form of other people and I would always recommend seeking out the right people to support and help you.

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