On opening the door 

How do we feel about going home


When you come home and open the door do you say to yourself, “Oh, no.” or, “Ah, lovely”? In other words, is returning to where you live a matter of going into the building where you stay or are you glad to cross the threshold into a home?

If you do not feel glad to be home, in general, is it the place or the people (or lack of them) that make you feel this way?

The House

1. Make sure you can open the door freely. (Clear away any clutter or rubbish around the door way. Make a habit of throwing out those adverts that can easily get left in the porch or door mat!)

2. Prepare or organise a place to hang your coat and put your bag which does not block the entrance. (A coat hook, the back of a chair, a cupboard but not the banister end)

3. Try to have something pleasant to see when you open the door, a picture, mirror, ornament or vase of flowers.

4. Does your entrance smell nice? Not just an absence of bad smells but make it nice.

5. Maybe you use a rear entrance—no excuse for unwelcome sights! Lean-to’s and kitchens can easily become dumping areas and these are not welcoming. Make your first moments pleasant!


The people

1. No matter what you think may greet you go in with a positive attitude.

2. No matter what the opening words of another person, say a pleasant greeting to anyone there (and don’t have sarcasm in your tone). If your house is empty (or even if it is not) thank God for your home.

3. If you are usually greeted by children’s mess, pet destruction or something else that makes your heart sink, deal with emergencies but have a rest before tackling anything else. We usually come home tired even if we have been doing something nice—keep this in mind.

4. If you are the one at home doing the greeting, welcome with warm words not a bombardment of, “where have you been?” “I’ve had a terrible day” These things might need saying but don’t start with them.

5. If you are going home to people who will have demands, “I need help” “I’m hungry” is there anything you could do before you go out to make the way easier for yourself? Maybe prepare meals in the morning/night before, set a time when you will help with homework - only you know your circumstances and the likely demands.


Our homes should be places of blessing for ourselves and others. Is there anything we can do to improve that? Ask God to show you- it is surprising the insights I find He gives me that I had never noticed.

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