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I remember seeing on television a British man visiting and learning about a tribe on a southern hemisphere island. As he stayed with these people he found their inability to sleep at night more and more distressing as he became increasingly tired. They were constantly listening for danger sounds in the jungle from animals and other potentially dangerous tribes. The following verse of scripture came to mind: ďI will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.Ē Psalm ch4 v8 We can trust the Lord to keep us safe while we sleep. We have an inner quietness because we are in the Lordís care. This chapter goes with the one before. Psalm 3 verse 5 reminds that we wake in the morning because God has kept us safe.

How many people in this country canít sleep at night for worries seen and unseen? How many suffer loss of sleep from pain? We must put our trust in the Lord, as our verse reminds us that we can, and trust that God, through His Holy Spirit, can give us the peace and rest that we need in all circumstances.

we should make our bedrooms restful and pleasant places to be.

There are some other things which may keep us awake. Sleep experts tell us that we should make our bedrooms restful and pleasant places to be. Is your bedroom a pleasant and restful place? Many people use their bedrooms as junk spaces because it is somewhere that for most of the time it is not in the way. Sleep is important and below are some ideas to help sort out your stuff to do one part in giving yourself the best chance of a good night's sleep. All other hindrances to sleep you need to lay at the cross!

Making your room ready for rest
  • Start at the top and work down as a general rule.
  • Dust ceilings and plaster work of dust and webs. Donít wash plaster as it makes it look worse.
  • Clean any light coverings. It is usually easiest to take the light shade down to clean it.
  • Clean windows, curtains and carpets. A short sentence but 3 big jobs!

  • Tackle any pictures on the walls. If you havenít got any, would getting some make your room more pleasant? They donít necessarily need to be framed or expensive. A pretty card displayed where you can see it looks good too. If you have some framed pictures on the wall take them down to clean them where possible. Clean the front and back. Carved frames can be dusted with a paint brush to get into those detailed bits. Clean any glass covering pictures and mirrors. Wipe the wall where they were as dirt collects by, and behind, frames. Replace the pictures.
  • Clean and refresh your bed. Strip the bed and lift the mattress to air it if possible. Vacuum both sides. Depending on what your bed frame is made from clean it as appropriateóvacuuming, wipingódonít forget the corners. Lay the mattress down again turned over. Wash all under blankets valences etc. as well as the covering bed clothes. Sheets and blankets wash as hot as the manufacturers instructions allow. Treat any stains. Mend any unsewn edges, replace elastic in fitted sheets where it may have gone. Starch and whiten where appropriate if you like. Donít forget duvets and pillows. Synthetic fillings can be washed in your machine if it has a large enough capacity or take it to the laundrette or dry cleaners. Other fillings should be treated only as the instructions dictate.


Make it pleasant to use and look nice.

  • Wardrobe bursting open? Sort through your wardrobe. Make a pile for the charity shop and for mending. Dust the hangers and wardrobe sides; donít forget to clean or vacuum the bottom before replacing what you are keeping and have mended. If you have a free-standing wardrobe and it can be moved when empty, vacuum beneath and behind it. Dust the walls as dust clings there too. Clean the top before considering what (if anything) you are going to put there. I bet there was something! Try to make it look nice. Suitcases could be covered with pretty material. Plastic storage boxes can be made to look nice if you wish. See-through plastic boxes can have their contents hidden by placing pretty wrapping paper on the inside sides facing out. Can other things be put in boxes? Cover where appropriate with white material (to match a white ceiling) and place an ornament or vase towards the corner if you have one. Make it pleasant to use and look nice.
  • Don't forget that chest of drawers. Give it the same treatment. Though try to keep the top clear apart from any decoration; you know what I mean, a pretty ornament, a vase of flowers - a stack of papers or pile of washing are not what I mean by pretty!
  • Dressing tablesóclear that clutter! If you wear make up throw away any old stuff as it does go off! Wash hair brushes and combs. Sort out all the other bits and bobs you keep there. Is any jewellery you have being looked after?
  • If your room has to double up as an office, baby room, sewing room etc. clear and tidy that stuff too. These things are probably the most important as they contribute most to your bedroom not being a place for restful sleep as they are very distracting from winding down.

You didnít collect all that stuff in a day so donít expect to clear it all in a day either.

After all that cleaning and tidying you will be in need of a good nightís sleep. You didnít collect all that stuff in a day so donít expect to clear it all in a day either. If you have got loads of stuff to sort through may I refer you to the article ďClogged UpĒ in the Owning Stuff section.

Pleasant dreams.

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