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As we feed people their physical needs are met and they become more open to other topics of conversation.

Basic needs

Have you ever thought of having people round for a meal as ministry? Eating is one of the most basic human needs and is a good way to spend time with people. When someone accepts an invitation to a meal they are making themselves open to what you want to give them in many senses.

Jesus ministry of food

There are several stories of Jesus ministering when food was involved. Somexdstimes he used it as an illustration such as describing himself as the bread of life. Sometimes he was concerned about hunger such as at the feeding of the thousands. Sometimes eating was just the excuse to get closer to someone in order to spend time with them to challenge them such as the visit to Zaccheusí house.

The benefits of eating together

When you invite someone around for a meal there is opportunity to spend time with someone in a non threatening situation. If there is a moment of stiltedness or embarrassment then your guest has something to do to diffuse the moment. As we get to know people better we earn the right to share our faith with non Christian visitors and our visitor begins to know you have more interest in them than their being just potential victims of Bible bashing- which we know is never our intention. When we invite other Christians for a meal we are building the church and earning the right to challenge one another. As we feed people their physical needs are met and they become more open to other topics of conversation. The Christian home is a great advertisement for the faith and many non-Christian people find our homes attractive places to be regardless of what we do or do not say. And I could go on. There are many reasons why hosting a meal is ministry to both Christians and those still outside the faith. May I commend it to you today.

Think creatively

Some of you live where your home situation precludes you from having people over. Can you afford to take someone out for a meal? Could you arrange to have a picnic with someone in a local park instead? I am sure you could think of a way of eating together with someone if you put your mind to it!


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