Seven quick ideas with money 



Here are a few ideas to help us all keep a bit of a check on our finances.

1. Make a list of daily, weekly and monthly expenditure on the smaller things.

Eg. Daily—bus, dinner money, food

Weekly—food, newspaper bills, milk

Monthly—season tickets, clothes

Is it more than you realised?

2. Keep a small stash of change for when those school trips come up then you can return the forms the next day and keep that paper work up to date more easily. The same for other steady but irregular calls for smallish amounts of cash.

3. For a month, keep a list of every penny you spend and on what. What are your vices? Can you cut down by swapping for something cheaper or cutting things out all together?

4. Are you getting the best rates of interest on money you have in the bank?

5. Keep a note of how frequently you treat yourself. Is it more than you thought—less? Everyone deserves treats now and again. Do you have a healthy handle on this?

6. Do you keep an eye out for money saving opportunities eg the cheapest petrol, special offers?

7. Have a different purse for Sundays which you don’t carry around in the week. Put Sunday’s money in it and then you won’t be tempted to spend it when you are out shopping then you won’t be short on Sunday. (Idea submitted by Sheila Taylor)


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