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Money is a subject that gets spoken about very little but many people have problems with it. There is an assumption that if people look well off then they are well off. This is a false assumption. People in the UK are riddled with personal debt on an unprecedented level. Money has never been so easy to borrow and, I would suggest, never been so hard to pay back. Money is not discussed even within families and valuable lessons are not taught to our children about how to manage finances.

This month I want to recommend a book on the subject of money. Your Money and Your Life by Keith Tondeur (further details below) is a book which covers many aspects of money handling from budgeting and saving, to debt and giving, plus much more. Even if you are having money problems, if you will follow the advice in the book then it is worth investing in it. If you will not follow his advice then it would be more money wasted of course.

Keith Tondeur is the director of Credit Action the Christian money education charity based in Cambridge, England. All his principles of teaching about money come with a biblical foundation from his own Christian faith. There is much to learn and ponder whether you have financial problems or not.

Book details:

Your money and your life by Keith Tondeur Published by Triangle. ISBN: 0-281-04943-2. Easily available in the UK (Why not support your local Christian bookshop if you have one—they are closing due to lack of support at a very fast rate) and the book is also available on line.

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