A prayer for our finances 


Lord God, who holds all things in your hands, 

help me remember that all things belong to you including all the money and possessions which pass through my life. Help me to rely on you for provision and not on my own skills and resources.

When I have dealings with others show me how to honest and fair. Where necessary show me how to give freely and generously as your Word says (1 Tim 6 v19). Should I need to borrow from others, help me to be cautious about who I make myself in debt to (Proverbs 22 v7). Help me to be realistic about my need and ability to repay.

Teach me to evaluate all my spending so that I have spare to give to others and do not greedily keep my income for myself alone. In Jesus name I ask these things. Amen

For those in debt:

Where I have overspent in the past, forgive me. Give me the strength to seek the help I need and the right mindset to be able to pay back what I owe as quickly as possible.


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