Do you ever feel undervalued as a mother? Just keep in mind all you do. Below is what we do (based on my family and home) jazzed up in fancy language - It's quite a job!



Director of Home Affairs

Work from home circa half share in company + benefits



Are you interested in improving your skills with a small and intimate company? The family company is the world’s No. 1 supplier of matured people to all other trades.

The Role:

Co-ordinating with the Executive Director, you will be responsible for twelve departments and four junior members of staff.

The key success criteria will be the emotional, spiritual and physical development of all staff.

You will:

  • Prepare budgets and oversee cash flow for junior members of staff.

  • Carry out regular household pollutants eradication programme.

  • Frequently carry out hazard assessment of all tools utilized by junior members of staff and undertake a programme maintenance or upgrade on those which have fallen below acceptable company standards.

  • Ensure catering department produces, or sub-contracts, approx 1095 meals per person per annum.

  • Ensure all raw materials are purchases according to previously drawn up budgets and forecasts.

  • Decontaminate all textile products utilised by the company.

  • Conduct a variety of training courses for junior members of staff.

  • Co-ordinate and keep the appointments diary for the whole company.

  • Co-ordinate transportation of all staff members to branch offices throughout the week.

  • Organise and attend top level conferences with directors of other similar companies in order to discuss the latest trends in management.

  • Organise for, and attend conferences with the most junior staff to adjust to working away from head office in future.

  • Ensure all junior members of staff have filled in, and take with them, the paperwork they will need in branch offices.

  • Regularly review progress of each member of staff.

  • Promote individual and group working skills amongst junior members of staff.

  • Settle industrial disputes quickly.


The ideal candidate will develop a working knowledge of child psychology and first aid as well as teaching and speech therapy skills. Basic negotiation and peace keeping abilities are essential: these will be further developed to a high level over time with the company. Nutrition and hairdressing skills along with a knowledge of environmental health are required. The candidate will be creative and able to answer endless questions about all manner of things in an interesting way.

Candidate will have the ability to poly-phase within a fast paced environment and be able to work with tight deadlines and a change agenda. A successful working atmosphere will be achieved with your firm manner and cheerful nature at all hours of the day and night.

No previous experience required.

(place holder)

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