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Look at your tidy space and be pleased with the effect.

If you have got to the point of wanting to tidy a cupboard/shelf/desk or what ever and there is just too much stuff clogging up that tidy space here’s what to do:

1. Get yourself some boxes -for preference- but carrier bags will do.

2. Put all the stuff in one session into the containers without sorting it at all. Yes everything, but be careful with anything fragile or precious.

3. Clean or dust the space left behind so it is beautiful and perfect. You should be pleased with what you see—you have achieved something good.

4. If you have any energy left you can begin the next point now but if not wait until tomorrow—but don’t forget tomorrow!

5. Get yourself a kitchen timer or alarm clock and set it for between 10 minutes and half an hour—you choose according to your circumstances and personality—no more than half an hour though.

6. Choose one of the boxes or bags and begin sorting through. Don’t tip it all out though if you can help it. If there are things that need putting back in the tidy space make sure you place them carefully so they look nicely arranged and if it is a work area that the space is still functional. Throw away as much as possible—we all keep far more stuff than we need to.

7. When your time is up put anything back in the box or bag that you have not sorted yet. Don’t be tempted to carry on even if you are having a ‘nice’ time. That way you will not feel negative about coming back to it next time.

8. Pile up the boxes or bags at the side somewhere.

9. Look at your tidy space and be pleased with the effect.

10. Each day take that 10-30 minutes to sort some more from the pile. Remember to keep that tidy space tidy and be pleased with what you have achieved.

11. Keep at it until all the stuff is sorted.

12. Don’t begin on a new messed up area until you have sorted everything from this place.

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