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Praying for your place of work



Do you pray for your place of work?

Do you have a place of work outside the home? Do you pray for those you work with and meet? Below are some suggestions which may help, encourage or inspire you to pray more.


Don’t limit what God can do in your workplace by dictating what he can or should do.

Pray with a pure motive that God will be glorified not that your life will be easier.

Praying for those you work with

  • Do you need to forgive their past actions? Do you hold a grudge?

  • Do you need forgiveness for your past actions towards them? Have you ever grumbled about them, gossiped or been disrespectful? Have you been an unreliable colleague?

  • Have your actions or words turned them away from Christ? Repent of all these things.

  • Pray for the opening of eyes, ears and heart.

  • Pray that they may know that what pursues them is God’s love.

  • Pray that any misconceptions that they have about God are corrected.

  • Pray for opportunities to sew seed into their life.

  • Pray against things in their life which seek to “destroy” or to make the seed sewn in their lives unproductive.

  • Pray that they will submit to the reasonableness of the gospel.

  • Pray for wisdom to know when they are ready to be challenged to make a Christian commitment and that the right person will share with them boldly. (It may or may not be you!)

  • Pray that they will be faithful disciples not just converts.

Praying for your work place

  • Pray that the “institution” is run on godly principles. Pray against the forces which seek to bring ungodly practices into your work place.

  • Pray for those who have authority over you. Many of the suggestions above will apply. Also pray for them to be reasonable bosses and use their God given authority wisely.

  • Pray that others will see that God blesses the work because you have brought Him there.

  • Check that this place is where God wants you.

  • Give God the glory for your work.


Praying for customers/clients/receivers of your service

For those you have regular contact with, and you get the opportunity to know, then you can pray the same things as you did for colleagues.

For those you only have minimum contact with pray for opportunities to be bold and friendly. For opportunities to speak where appropriate.

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