Hello. It is only natural that you should want to know a little about the person writing the articles found on this site . I hope the following tells you enough of what you want to know.

My name is Linda Faber and I am kept busy as mother of four school-age children and a toddler (and we are expecting a new baby in Feb 09). I am a house-wife, Junior Church leader, lay leader (responsible for Youth and Children's work) and lay preacher in my local church as well as a child of God.

I have been a Christian for many years having been brought up in a Christian family and came to a faith of my own in my early teens.

I believe the Bible to be the authoritative word of God and it is here that we will find the fundamentals of our learning as Christians.

In my spare time (which, like most people, is very limited) I like to be creative. To this end I paint in various media and like to undertake sewing projects with the occasional bit of sculpture added to the mix. I began playing the flute in September 2004 and intend to continue learning new things all the days of my life.

I am married to a minister of a small church in Lincolnshire, UK.

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