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December/January 2007

The middle of winter can throw up some of the most wonderful clear-sky days. The stunning sunshine reaches into the darkest corners. We have had beautiful frosts which pick out the beauty of even the dullest left-overs of last years plants. But not every day's weather is uplifting; there are dark, dingy, wet, grey days aplenty.

Sometimes life feels a little dark. There is just too much to do, you or your family are ill, things brake or go wrong and we long for a little brightness to brake through. But as Christians, God is there for us.

But what has God got to say to non-Christians this Christmas season? I think of a single mother who has just lost her job, the alcoholic who has still not got free of his addiction, the mother of a young boy who has a bad back and needs a stick to walk far. 

This month you can find an article suggesting that the people of our communities need Gods wisdom shown through our lives. Take a look by clicking in the top purple box below.

The other new additions are a little more inward looking. The green box houses a link to a prayer for us to make room for more deference in our lives. The red box links to some Bible verses to ponder. And a further new article in the lower purple box might help us to get a handle on some of the "stuff" in our lives which might be an issue for some this Christmas.

What ever God has laid on your heart to be praying for, and doing, this month and in the coming days, may you be blessed in your commitment to it.

Linda Faber.

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