Christian Tools



Bible Study

Itís not too difficult for you

Encouragement to study the Bible

 Why study the Bible?

Four reasons to study


I love your word

A few verses from Psalm 119


Linger Longer

A reminder to study the Bible

Making a note

A project



The Joy He brings 

Suggesting a way to increase joy in your life

 My strength

Nehemiah's example

Celebrate today

A picture of a celebrating life


Putting ourselves aside

Looking to others for our own good

It's never been easy...

The Bible points out the need for deference 

A prayer 

A prayer for us to learn to not put ourselves first


Three kinds of knowing

The way to know your worth



Wanted: A return of stolen property  

Looking at the importance of church

Best fit forward

Helping those who feel they don't fit into a church

Part 1

Best fit forward

Helping those who feel they don't fit into a church

Part 2

Fire Coal

A story of keeping close to others


Giving of yourself 

A healthy attitude to Christian giving

Get excited about giving 

The Bible has great things to teach us

Faith Full Giving

Looking at four Scriptures 


As a deer pants for water

 Using a picture to think about our need for God

At my right hand

Thinking about keeping close to God

 Basically Christian meditation is...


Prayer isnít natural 

Getting some understanding about why praying is difficult

Prayer gets things done

Partnering God in His work

Silence from heaven

Checking possible blocks to unanswered prayer


A little bird showed me

Learning from the garden birds any other name

Calling on the Holy Spirit in prayer 



Quiet Time  

Ready, Steady, Slow!

Getting ready for a productive few minutes quiet

Ready, Steady Slow!

Part 2

How do I plan a Quiet Time?

Ready Steady Slow

Part 3

What should I do and say? 

Retreats at home

Finding time for something special


No charge! 

Four ways to give better service every day

Up Side Up

Looking at the up-side of Jesus example of servanthood


Service station

A prayer for a more service oriented life



A prayer for a less complicated life

Drowned out 

A confession of being swept along

Living simply when you are a complex person

Pure and Simple 

All I want is Jesus


Worship and culture  

Some of the things that worship is

 Finding Favour with the King

Book recommendation

 Plenty of Time

Wanting more time with God


Worthy thoughts on worship


Five ideas for worship


Personal Issues



No added sugar 

What can't you live without?

Thrill seekers

Missing out on contentment

 Forty-four years of smoking

One woman's testimony about what smoking meant to her


  "I can't"  

Looking at your way of thinking

Stubborn old bird

Letting go of wrong choices

Fear or favour

Changing our attitude so we can be released from fears

Presence of God

Are we glad to go with God?


  Cross words

Looking at personal forgiveness

Forgive us as we forgive others

Two passages to consider about forgiveness

Three prayers for forgiveness 

A prayer for those coming to faith for the first time, a general prayer for Christians and a prayer for forgiveness for a specific wrong.


  Needing feeding

 Checking our personal growth

Hard Shell

 Lessons from a Sequoia tree

Making the most of Sunday sermons

Learning to take notes for future reference

Life interest

Thoughts from a phone call

Healing & Health

  In the balance

 Thinking about personal health

Snack Attack

Eight ideas to help cut down on food snacking

Short questions with long answers

Asking you to think about 3 verses of scripture


One night

A testimony of receiving God's healing



Lone danger

A first look at a broad subject

The lonely placed

Thinking about Psalm 68 v6

 Accentuate the positives

Some of the good and bad things about living alone

Self Discipline

  Questions to ask yourself

Are you self disciplined?

Busy doing... 

Are we in control of what we do?

 Elsie, get out of the mud

stepping away from sticky situations

Self Image

In the mirror

Helping you see what God sees


A prayer rejoicing in who you are

I shall be like Him

Daughter of Abraham

You are an inheritor of the promise

Suffering & Grief

 In the Potter's hands

 Questioning "why?"

 Dear Diary

Some imagined thoughts from Abigail after her husband's death

 A compost heap life

Letting our difficulties become part of the rich mix of our past.


Empty nest 

A call to encourage those who feel loss




Under a cloud

Preparing for the sunshine of freedom

 Customised Believers

A call to check out what we do

Think about it

Some verses of scripture to meditate on


Thinking about any superstitions in our lives

Worry & Stress 

Looking up, or over the edge? 

A reminder to keep our security in God's ways

Is worry your friend?

Then it is time to say "good-bye"

 Deep and wide

Looking at your foundations


Do not be afraid

Towards the words of Jesus


Outer Life



Looking for mending

God's way as a lesson

Covering our communication in prayer

Five prayers for different relationships

 Belt of Truth 

Wrapping our conversation with Truth


A Prayer for your community

Influencing your community

Encouragement for those who don't know what to do

Ably wise Part 1

Thinking about your wisdom as a help for your community

Ably wise Part 2

Thinking about your wisdom as a help for your community


God's creative gifts

Giving our creativity over to God

 Make something to give away

Good intensions

Looking at the purpose behind our creativity


Home making  

On opening the door

How do we feel about going home?

Home should be a place of safety

Part 1

Godly protection over your home

Place of rest 

Clearing up our bedrooms

Who's in the house?

Part 2


Show and Tell

Speaking up about what God is doing

Then We'll Begin

Story telling to groups of under 5's

 Meal times 

Eating as a means to share


Be bold in prayer

Caleb's daughter as an example


Please speak clearly



If only I had more money things would be different

Your money and your life

Book Recommendation

 Seven quick ideas with money


A prayer for our finances



Director of Home Affairs

A job description of motherhood

  My name is 'Mother' not 'Slave'

6 Ideas to help slay the beast of untidy bedrooms


If you want to be a good parent... Part 1


Owning stuff  

Clogged Up

A practical way to clear mess

For our enjoyment 

Too much stuff can spoil the joy


Using a SIMPLE mnemonic to aim for a more contented life


One Another

Thinking through four instructions in scripture

What is a friend like?

 With a little help from my special Friend 

Some personal experiences


Men: Some assembly required

Book recommendation

A wife's on-going love


Proverbs 5 v18-19

 Do not commit adultery

A good law


The purposes of Work

Looking briefly at an exemplary woman

What is Christian work?

Considering what makes work Christian in nature


Praying for your place of work


Work, rest and play 

A change is not a rest



for ministry wives

Working towards good ministry marriages

Minor prophets series

The Ministry Wife - A Minor Role?

Introduction to a series

Minor prophets series

False beliefs 

about family

We shouldn't be held up like we are an example

Minor prophets series

False beliefs 

about ministry

We can't progress in ministry because everything keeps changing

Minor prophets series

False beliefs 

about your priorities

We can get by without spending time in God's Word

Minor prophets series

False beliefs 

about difficult times

Ministry makes me miserable

Minor prophets series

False beliefs

 about your needs

God isn't meeting our needs

Minor prophets series

False beliefs

 about yourself

I have made mistakes and it is too late now

Minor prophets series

False beliefs 

about ministry

God won't do anything exciting in our church

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